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the inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle

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The second injury came for the France national side against China on June 7, 2006, this time breaking both the tibia and fibula in his right leg.
A poor tackle from Ryan Shawcross resulted in the then-youngster suffering a double-fracture to his leg - breaking both his tibia and fibula and undergoing surgery to fix the issue.
3) Se describe el abordaje unico para Tibia y perone en fracturas de pilon tibial el cual aun no tiene la validez suficiente para su uso de forma rutinaria.
The functional outcome and union of the proximal and distal juxta-articular fracture of the tibia was evaluated and operated with hybrid external fixator.
3-5] Our case was working as a guard, before he got retired and he had no predisposing condition which would cause overloading of the distal tibia.
8 The objective of the study was to determine the distribution of open diaphysial fractures of tibia gustilo type IIIA and IIIB.
After blood collection, same birds were dissected and left tibia was removed.
2) Throughout its course, the TA muscle runs superficially within the anterior compartment of the lower leg, lateral to the tibia.
Right tibia was more commonly involved followed by bilateral tibiae and left tibia.
Grasp the distal end of the tibia with your other hand; palm over its anterior surface near the tibio talar joint care must be taken to avoid the anterior tibial artery.
3] The nutrient artery to tibia is the largest one in all.
The incision was made from the superior pole of the patella to the medial side where the patella tendon inserts into the tibia tubercle.
Besides, diplomas of all tibia colleges of 2013 and 19 tibia colleges of 2014 have been issued.