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a phenolic amino acid of which thyroxine is a derivative

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The relationship between serum cholesterol and serum thyrotropin, thyroxine and triiodo thyronine concentrations in suspected hypothyroidism.
3,3'5 Triiodo L thyronine induces apoptosis in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells, repressing SMP30 expression through negative thyroid response elements.
The three iodothyronines with two iodine atoms in the phenolic ring of the thyronine molecule, T4, rT3 and 3',5'-T2, were mainly tubularly reabsorbed, whereas those with only one iodine atom in the phenolic ring, T3 and 3,3'-T2, were mainly tubularly secreted.
Copper is necessary for the enzymes that form thyronine from tyrosine and is essential for the oxidation of iodine for formation of thyroxin from thyronine (iodine peroxidase, tyrosine iodinase, thyroid peroxidase, and many proteinases (names may vary; many papers in development).
The introduction of serum triiodo thyronine (T3) and thyroid stimulating Hormone (TSH) radioimmunoassays has increased the sensitivity and specificity of thyroid function test.