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in the way indicated


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Caius thusly goes from pariah to golden boy, and shortly the hand of destiny (and a spelling error in the ranks' roll sheet) sends him home from campaigning--home to his to-say-the-least fanciful and beautiful wife Lora, where things really go off the rails.
May I felicitate the new lawyers who took their oaths yesterday in the MOA Arena, thusly:
Perhaps backing someone who isn't evil at all." Danny BT Garcia backed Yeager up: "Finally someone telling the truth to these pathetic snowflakes and their ridiculous tantrums." Since we're all a bit obsessed with the returns at the moment, the Facebook response to the endorsement broke down thusly: "Like"-81%; "Love"-15%; "Sad"-1.4%; "Angry"-1.4%.
The rank-and-file crowd can thusly only hope to get their hands on the coveted chunk of new content come the first week of October.
For example, when Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011, he was granted the Dukedom and she thusly became Duchess of Cambridge.
Asked for his thoughts about the campaign thus far, he spoke thusly: "I'm thinking, what the hell have we done to ourselves?
This year's PMC, which took place during June 1 - 3, focused on improving the patient experience, and was so thusly named.
The following markings can be found in the locations as identified thusly: 107XXX (bottom of frame in front of triggerguard); 107XXX (front of triggerguard); "Colt's PT.
Evert's group describes itself thusly: "Chastity Project exists to promote the virtue of chastity so that individuals can see God, and be free to love (Matt.
The research findings and inputs on different arrangement mediations will be useful to policymakers for approach and institutional changes that can thusly fortify interests in the area".
(There are apparently over 6,000 second homes in the area.) There are graffiti scrawls left very prominently in the buildings, each with political messages (summed up by one character thusly: "I don't think it's right for people to have two homes when so many people have none").
Rappler, a Philippine-based online news service quoted Lina's clarification thusly: "The BoC is implementing ...
The $676,400 in project funding breaks down thusly: $502,124 from the city's paving program and $174,276 from casino funds.
He defines it thusly: "counterfactualism -- conjecturing on what did not happen in order to understand what did, or, more precisely, the use of conditional assertions based on what is known not to have occurred."
Any sufficiently long word ladder plus all the anagrams of each word might well create a still longer word ladder 'seesawing' thusly.