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an acolyte who carries a thurible

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9 Rauhocereus riosanensis CACTACEAE 12 Backeberg 10 Croton thurifer Kunth EUPHORBIACEAE 10 11 Aspidosperma polyneuron Mull.
jaenensis Ceiba insignis BOMBACACEAE 3 MOCHENTA Browningia altissima CACTACEAE 54 Ceiba insignis BOMBACACEAE 2 Anadenanthera colubrina LEGUMINOSAE 26 Croton thurifer EUPHORBIACEAE 44 Caesalpinia sp.
There are numerous factual errors, for example, confusing thurifer for aspergil (48), maintaining that Francis's rule of 1223 included a provision for the Third Order (60), asserting that Pythagoras named a mode after the Lesbian people of ancient Greece (176), confusing Richard Gelineau for Joseph Gelineau (246), misquoting the dates of Vatican II (1961-1964 rather than 1962-1965) (249).
The sacred procession is led by a thurifer who swings his censer in great looping arcs.
When the thurifer (the incense boy) kneels before the altar at the consecration and incenses the sacred elements, the same point is made.
The procession of thurifer and "master"--the server who supposedly knew what he was doing--came to the center of the sanctuary.
These characters were accompanied by a thurifer with a thurible, a crucifer with a processional cross, a banner bearer carrying a large banner with an image of the Virgin, and candle bearers, all wearing albs.
Incense, poured over burning coal, was swung in a thurifer by an assisting priest or a server.
Husband William, attired in alb, was thurifer for the liturgy.
From the thirteenth century on black curtains and candles were placed behind the host to illuminate it, and thurifers took extra care so as not to obscure the species with thick clouds of incense.
On festival days this hypostyle forest was interplanted with silken trees, pages with gold barrels doused the assembled company with an incessant drizzle of rose-water, the Great Throne was set up--an upholstered podium the size of the Greta Bed of Ware, crowned by a baldaquin, all in solid gold encrusted with gems--and the Great Cassolette was erected, a three-storey tower of gold that housed thurifers stoking fires of aloes-wood and beside which the Botafumeiro of Compostela would have shrunk to a damp squib.