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a container for burning incense (especially one that is swung on a chain in a religious ritual)

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Des Esseintes' house has become, as Daniel Grojnowski describes, "un lieu clos et un espace mental," (23) enshrining his room, which is like a giant thurible. Within it, the symptoms produced in him by the inhalation of these vapours do indeed correspond to those described by Dorian Gray: "The heavy odour of incense seemed to cling about its pages and to trouble the brain." Des Esseintes may have begun with a calm and studied concentration upon the syntax of perfume, but as he experiments, he enters a phase of acceleration and delirium, abandoning his punctuation, shattering the same syntax he had laboured to understand.
These characters were accompanied by a thurifer with a thurible, a crucifer with a processional cross, a banner bearer carrying a large banner with an image of the Virgin, and candle bearers, all wearing albs.
(2.) A "censer" (also called a "thurible") is a bowl-like vessel, suspended from a chain, which is used for burning incense in many Roman Catholic and other religious liturgies.
He is beginning to feel that the carrying of this cross is an even greater joy than to be asked to carry the thurible during the Temple service.
30 The "silver ship" could have been a little silver model such as a sixteenth-century thurible of hammered and engraved silver, partially gilded, which may be seen in the Treasury of the Basilica of St.
During their acceptance of the donative they had cast incense upon a thurible before a portrait of Julian in the company of several pagan gods.
They are accompanied by a servant boy and proceed through all the rooms with a thurible or censer to bless the house.
As if that were not enough, one of my aunts got the honor of doing the reading during the pilgrims' mass that afternoon, and we were treated to seeing the botafumeiro - a world-famous thurible found in the Santiago de Compostela cathedral - in all its glory.
Some still find you in the thurible's swing or the gentle dark of a confession booth.
A thurible, used for carrying burning incense, is also known as what?
Dressed in traditional cope and biretta and swinging an incensefilled thurible the Rector will be accompanied by the Salvation Army Band.
She is fully accessorized: vestments include colored chasubles for every liturgical season, black clergy shirt with white collar, a miniature, genuine Bible and even a tiny thurible. All are the creation of the Rev.
From that, he was appointed to the cherished position oft hurifer, the man who swings the thurible which contains the incense.
Why don't they just hand them all a thurible and some incense and let them all go wild?"
But there is barely room to swing a thurible, let alone preach to a congregation larger than three people.