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a dull hollow sound

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"Thunk junkies" drove hours to Maccarone and O'Brien's house for the competition.
Whoever woulda thunk that New Hampshire's own Judd Gregg would not only become a revolving doorman, but actually be really, really, really good at it?
Hard to escape it (feel the Ground Force!) for a good 15 years after, either, characterised as it was by an assault on all the senses; the oily tang of freshly cut timber pricking the nostrils, the emotive sight of kilometres of nautical rope swinging in the breeze, and the distinctive "thunk" sound that rang out so frequently across the land.
By Alice Jones/London/ The Independent Does anything bring on the desire to thunk head on desk like mistakenly putting three kisses on the end of an e-mail to your boss?
Other lovable characters for me are Belt and Thunk (Clark Duke).
Newbigging (author); THUNK!; Findhorn Press (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 16.95 ISBN: 9781844096039
There can be few more delightful sounds than someone typing and that deliberate 'thunk thunk' as the letters made their way onto the page.
There will not be a sudden "thunk" of Iranian oil stopping on Sunday as few imports from Iran continued even a month ago.
In between tunes, Brown would keep the thunk of percussion going and talk to the crowd.
The operator and his colleagues were working to a deadline and possibly a generous bonus if they finished before the end of Ramadan festival, ergo, grind, grind, grind, whine, whine, whine, thunk, thunk, thunk, clang, clang, clang without so much as a notice saying something on the lines of 'Ibn Sawt Kabeer Demolition, we apologise for the inconvenience (har-har!)'
Sonitrol Pacific Operator Jessica Culver heard “a thunk and muffled clatter” from the impact-activated audio security system in the “gun sales and front room” area of Aurora Loans a little before midnight.
Written by Min as she prepares to "thunk" a large box of relationship mementos at Ed's front door, the book relives each event through its souvenir of love.
But it was still travelling horizontally at this time, starting of at 330 m/s and ending up at 0 m/sec when it went thunk into the earth.
"I had to step back into the middle, 'cause they were going to hit me, too, and then all you could hear was `thunk, thunk, thunk,' as the second car hit her and drug her."
The steady thunk, thunk of wet ears hitting bang boards sounded in Iowa fields until it was too dark to find the ears or hit the wagon.