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Synonyms for thundery

loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss

accompanied with thunder

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There is a chance of local cloud formation, which may be thundery and associated with blowing dust by the afternoon.
Southern and western Scotland, along with northern, central and southeastern parts of England will be rather cloudy with outbreaks of rain, some heavy and thundery. Elsewhere it will be mostly dry with some reasonably warm sunshine.
"While there will be some lovely sunshine at times, there will also be spells of heavy and thundery rain, with sea mist and fog in places too."
Storm Hannah will hit the UK and bring breezy weather and thundery showers.
It will then stay similar, with further heavy, thundery showers and strong winds at times on Thursday.
The directorate warned of strong thundery gusts later and urged caution.
The Directorate of Meteorology warned of thundery rain and very strong gusts, and urged caution.
More convective clouds, thundery and rainy at times, are expected to develop during the day, with fresh strong winds reaching up to 60km/h.
Summary: Lebanon will experience a thundery start to the week after a bout of sunny weather over the weekend, Beirut airport's Meteorology Department said in its Sunday forecast.
KUWAIT, Nov 14 (KUNA) -- Directorate General of Civil Aviation's Meteorological Department said on Wednesday that Kuwait's weather is currently witnessing unstable conditions with light to moderate freshening at times south easterly wind, with speed of 12 - 42 km/h with a chance for rain that might be thundery at times and visibility will decrease over some areas.
During the coming fortnight, short-duration thundery showers are forecast on five to seven days, with most of the showers occurring between the late morning and early afternoon.
He said: "For the rest of the week we start to come under the influence of thundery low pressure moving up from France.
The outlook for Monday to Wednesday is a continued risk of thundery downpours, but we could see some warm sunny spells too.