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Synonyms for thunderous

Synonyms for thunderous

loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss

extremely ominous

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The Meteorological Department warned of thunderous rain at night and called for caution.
Remarkably, it was Jamie Jenkins who was thrice denied, the final time from a thunderous 40 yard free-kick, the others from a flick-on and a header.
Then Gareth Thomas was sent away on a thunderous 40 metre run to give Bridgend a lead.
DUDLEY Kingswinford will travel to Waterloo for the third round of the Tetley's Bitter Cup after a thunderous local derby saw them recover from an 8-3 half-time deficit at Walsall.
Nonetheless, the audience's thunderous reception affirmed that In Spite of Wishing and Wanting is an absorbing creation and a welcome return for this engaging Belgian dancemaker and his American collaborator.
Dendy has been perfecting his hilarious and loving Graham impersonation for years at club gigs and awards shows-the severe simian face; the thunderous eyes; the cool, strangled voice -- only now he is joined by a second Graham, the Priestess's Reflection (Richard Move).
In reply, two thunderous drives from Howard had been United's only threat and Barnet went further ahead when Hodges headed home just before half time.
London, March 27 (BNA) -- An arena synonymous with thunderous Six Nations combat was the stage for a mismatch as Wales achieved something few international teams have managed in recent months: they made England look like masters of their fate.
After the initial thunderous blast, the lines begin to spread out slightly for a few seconds before narrowing.
Kerr almost snatched a draw with a thunderous 35 yarder but struck a post.
Mark Howells opened their account after seven minutes, with a thunderous, unstoppable 30-yard shot which flew past visiting goalkeeper Mark Jones and into the net.
Byfield blasted in a thunderous drive seven minutes after half-time to add to Dean Keates's 26th-minute penalty and Pedro Matias's volley just before the break.
The final ensemble number, wave upon wave of thunderous drums and swirling, shining bodies, brought the house to its feet, where it remained for several encores.
Kavanagh hit one thunderous 25-yarder narrowly wide.
And the Pakistan captain reckons Flintoff's thunderous exploits could bring about a changing of the guard at the top of the international tree.