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Synonyms for thundercloud

an indication of impending danger or harm

Synonyms for thundercloud

a dark cloud of great vertical extent charged with electricity

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The scientists assume that the charge of a positive plasma channel is not discharged entirely during a lightning strike, but that part of the charge returns to the thundercloud via the needles.
For convenience in analyzing the distribution of atmospheric electricity in the Earth's troposphere, let us consider one of the special cases when the thundercloud has the shape of a sphere of radius [R.sub.0] [approximately equal to] 985 m (Fig.
Ms Irving said: "Do you agree, what there was, was a farrago of failures so fundamental that a prosecution is never going to be achievable?" Mrs Thundercloud replied: "I don't think I can comment whether a prosecution would ever be achievable.
Ms Irving continued: "This little girl's death was pronounced at 7.08am on December 12, 2012, but it was never, was it, even after Alison Armour's report, treated as a murder inquiry?" "No," Mrs Thundercloud replied.
where [z.sub.N] and [z.sub.P] are the altitude of the negative and positive charged plates, respectively, and hence d = [z.sub.P] - [z.sub.N] (i.e., the thundercloud depth).
Under the negatively charged thundercloud (see Figure 1), the background electric field at ground level is upward and the corona discharge is positive, and the positive corona ions are produced from the tip of an object.
On the tongue it releases a heavenly melange of thundercloud plum, raisins, prunes and mocha highlights.
Every commercial airliner could be struck by lightning during landing or take-off under a thundercloud. Video frames obtained at Kamatzu Air Force Base, Japan and San Francisco, California show an airliner struck by lightning soon after take-off with no fatalities being reported [1].
In such air, convection becomes more volatile and thundercloud development is imminent.
Nietzschean wormhole where the macrame plant hangers, gingham dresses and patchouli that once framed my impression of Joni Mitchell vaporized in a thundercloud of creative power."
One day there was lunch from ThunderCloud Subs, and there was a Plinko game another day that awarded visitors an opportunity to win great prizes and gift cards.
Thundercloud has pretty filigree foliage and lacey white flowers, tinged with pink.
Completes Phase I Drilling at Thundercloud Property, Ontario(C)2011 ENPublishing -
"Thundercloud Galaxy: Rifts Dimension Book 14" is a source book for the Rifts pen and paper role-playing game system, focusing on the mysterious and enigmatic Thundercloud galaxy, as players and game masters are introduced to countless new races, creatures, and adventures with a focus on the truly bizarre and unknown that even our imaginations can't comprehend.