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Synonyms for thunderclap

a single sharp crash of thunder

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a shocking surprise

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A tearaway motorcyclist, who was riding a stolen 600cc Yamaha Thunderclap without lights in the dark at up to 90mph when he crashed and killed his close friend, has been jailed for six years, eight months.
Merseyside has a rich Viking heritage - so after conquering Europe for the sixth time the most appropriate celebration for Reds fans was a rousing rendition of the famous Viking thunderclap.
I was waking up a little jet-lagged in Los Angeles and forming a game plan to get across town to the noted poetry critic, Marjorie Perloff, when a morning thunderclap came out of nowhere and literally shook the house.
2 France 2 Iceland 0 th THE thunderclap will be out in force among the visiting fans.
2 France 2 Iceland 0 THE thunderclap will be out in force among the visiting fans.
Addressing a University of Sharjah alumni event, Sheikh Dr Sultan was speaking about his daily prayer before sleeping, when a loud thunderclap rang out in the sky at the conclusion of his speech.
The animal who weighed 26,000 pounds:The past year, South African scientists discovered the fossils of a 26,000 pounds weighed dinosaur who once walked the earth.Ledumahadi mafube, which literally means a giant thunderclap at dawn", was a close relative of sauropoddinosaurs.
The dinosaur's name is Sesotho for "a giant thunderclap at dawn." Sesotho is one of South Africa's 11 official languages.
IAN POULTER might not have been playing in the morning but he was one of the first Europeans on the tee just after dawn, orchestrating a thunderclap in the grandstands.
Prof Jonah Choiniere, of Witwatersrand University, said its name, Ledumahadi mafube - "giant thunderclap at dawn" in Sesotho -"reflects the great size".
There were locals, Mexicans, Australians, Moroccans and more, but Team Melli followers were leading the charge, even throwing in their own interpretation of the Icelandic thunderclap.Right in the mix were plenty of Iranian women who are not allowed to attend games in their homeland.
Runar Alex Runarsson roared Iceland on to Euro 2016 glory as part of their famous thunderclap in France.
In the early hours between Tuesday and Wednesday came the thunderclap journalists have long been dreading.
Susan Porter of Newcastle:"Two lightning bursts with a loud thunderclap in between and that was it!" Amanda Craig: "I thought someone was moving our bins about it was so loud over Gateshead."
Migraine 'cure' drug A SELF-injected smart drug holds out new hope for migraine sufferers who until now have had to grit and bear the pain of thunderclap headaches.