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the nail of the thumb

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The court also affirmed Google's fair use defense of its linking to full-size images as well as thumbnail images.
Once the thumbnails are completed, discuss each with the students Together select one thumbnail that meets all of the standards of a successful work of art: balance, unity, space, and line.
To make a thumbnail, just resize your original image until it's large enough that you can distinguish what is on it, but small enough to get onto a page with nine or ten others.
In four groups, the researchers removed the animals' ovaries when the mice were only 3 weeks old and thumbnail size.
ExpressSoft Inc.,have announced the release of Express Thumbnail Creator 1.5 for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
These thumbnail descriptions suggest a practice founded on the supposedly obsolete avant-garde strategies of provocation and transgression.
Any biographical study will, of necessity, be incomplete, and this is certainly true of the thumbnail sketch included in our article.
Simply right-click a desired file, and you will have immediate access to a thumbnail preview of the image or video and its properties, the ability to quickly convert the file to any of 60 supported formats, a slideshow of files in the current folder, and powerful image processing and editing features.
A search filter with thumbnail video eliminates hours spent searching tapes.
The projector offers SD Memory Card presentation functions including Auto Slide Show, which automatically shows the data from an SD Memory Card in succession; Capture, which captures and saves the displayed screen directly onto an SD Memory Card in JPEG file format; and Thumbnail Display, which provides an index-type display of all the images on an SD Memory Card, and allows the user to change the image sequence.
* A human thumbnail averages about .4 square inches in area.
The disc provides users with a fast, simple way to search through the more than 27,000 thumbnail images available in PhotoDisc's thematic disc collections.
Suzanne Boorsch on "The Prints of the School of Fontainebleau," tries to pin down the identities of Master IV, Antonio Fantuzzi (the conflation with Antonio da Trento is dismissed without discussion in the thumbnail biographies at the back), Leon Davent, and Jean Mignon.
Develop a thumbnail sketch of the company, including its business, its industry, its size and the names of key officers.