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murder and robbery by thugs

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The idea of thuggee as a problem emerging from religious custom extended into one that constructed certain castes and tribes as inherently criminal (Schwarz 2010).
Brereton and below is a small board - which probably still exists - which says 'Thuggee Section'.
In The Deceivers, set in the 1830s, Rodney's father William investigates the Thuggee, an Indian cult of ritual murder.
Starting with the 'Black Hole of Calcutta' incident of 1756, Tickell examines textual representations of some of the most emblematic moments in the history of the Raj: the suppression of 'Thuggee' in the 1830s (contemporarily and discursively related to the abolition of widow-burning, or sati, and the practice of human sacrifice amongst 'tribal' groups), the 'Mutiny' or Indian Uprising of 1857, the Indian Revolutionaries of early twentieth-century London and, finally, the Amritsar Massacre of 1919 and rise of Gandhi as appropriate end pieces.
In 19th century India, three British soldiers and a native water bearer must stop a secret mass revival of the murderous Thuggee cult before it can rampage across the land.
Accordingly, these romances accentuate local cultures and customs like Suttee (6), Thuggee (7), child-marriage and female infanticide, and as a result English rule becomes a moral duty that is associated with the suppression of "savage" customs in the name of civilization.
They uprooted the menace of thuggee. The thugs were highway robbers.
Suspected at the time of his death to have murdered 931 people, Behram was chief of the deadly cult of Thuggee. Consequently, thug has since become a modern-day term for violent and brutal louts.
The definition of the thugs as particularly malignant and threatening elements of Indian society provided colonial authorities with opportunities and reasons to intervene in the territories of nominally-independent Indian states on the grounds of their failure to surrender suspected thugs; (9) while the idea of British intervention saving Indian society from its own deviant practices (sati, or widow-burning, and infanticide as well as thuggee) became a defining characteristic of the self-consciously 'moral, "civilised" and "civilising" regime' of Britain in India.
The fossils -- discovered by a British army officer William Sleeman, who was better known for wiping out the ' thuggee' menace, in Jabalpur -- were described by the Scottish missionary Stephen Hislop in scientific literature in 1859.
The crime might have been violent but it was not deadly, unlike a similar crime to attract public attention: thuggee, the religiously motivated form of robbery practised in India in which death by strangulation preceded the act of theft.
Gresh and Weinberg have written several books about popular film, and while their enthusiasm for these cinematic icons are unwavering, a great deal of objective information is presented about such subjects as the Thuggee cult, the Cross of Coronado, the Sankara Stones and of course the Ark of the Covenant.
The most interesting part of Reitz's discussion--and easily the most surprising example of how the periphery shapes the metropole--is the analysis of Thuggee and its suppression by British imperial police.
If anyone should ask why the 27-year old franchise is still successful the answer should be because of Mr Ford.This time Indy is not fighting Nazis, who want to dominate the world using sacred artifacts, or evil Thuggee cult followers; he is fighting Russians, who want to dominate the world using the supernatural powers of crystal skulls found in South America.
I abhor that view and I wonder if he'd still feel inclined to 'hug a thuggee' if he sustained a personal loss.