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Synonyms for thrown

caused to fall to the ground

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twisted together

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Nevertheless, in violation of the national and state constitutions, and by means of conspiracy on the parts of the governors of Idaho and Colorado, Moyer and Haywood were kidnapped, thrown into jail, and charged with the murder.
He would have given much of the gold before him for a little water--for he had to replace what had been thrown overboard when the negro was carried up into the air.
But the balloon will not rise until you have thrown off a little ballast.
She wore a short skirt of red and yellow and her hair, instead of being banged, was a tangle of short curls upon which rested a circular crown of silver--much dented and twisted because the Queen had thrown her head at so many things so many times.
Presently every Scoodler of the lot had thrown its head, and every head was down in the deep gulf, and now the helpless bodies of the creatures were mixed together in the cave and wriggling around in a vain attempt to discover what had become of their heads.
Could it have been thrown down by some solitary native, who, alarmed at seeing us, had hurried forward to carry the tidings of our approach to his countrymen?
An arm of the boy, half screened from sight by her wild tresses, was thrown about the neck of the girl, while with the other he held one of her hands in his; and thus they stood together, their heads inclined forward, catching the faint noise we made in our progress, and with one foot in advance, as if half inclined to fly from our presence.
As soon as the traffic is concluded, one of the boats pulls in under cover of the muskets of the others, the fruit is quickly thrown into her, and the transient visitors precipitately retire from what they justly consider so dangerous a vicinity.
Will stopped as if he had found himself grasping something that must not be thrown and shattered.
And what seemed a foreboding was pressing upon him as with slow pincers:--that his life might come to be enslaved by this helpless woman who had thrown herself upon him in the dreary sadness of her heart.
On our knocking, however, the door was instantly thrown open by a Hindoo servant clad in a yellow turban, white loose- fitting clothes, and a yellow sash.
For example, the study suggests that the optimal speed for a thrown dart is 5.
I don't understand how it can be a foul throw if you've not actually thrown the ball?
Velvet, wool, fur or fleece - each look great draped over your sofa, folded neatly on a side chest or thrown over the end of your bed.
Such a course would be to Maricel's Voinea, "Voinea effect", which is a thrown with effect, by which the thrown ball, coming into contact with the floor, will go around the keeper.