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(rugby) an act or instance of throwing a ball in to put it into play

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They don't get that many corners in a game and they compensate by using the throw-in as a set piece," he added.
I went to see my father-in-law the other day, I drove around the coast to Whitley Bay and thought of the memories of the throw-ins on the beach with Steve Black.
GARETH Bale caused a real stir by taking a string of long throw-ins that were as bemusing to the Austrian defence as they were to the Welsh fans watching the match.
Six of the ties will go ahead the day before on Saturday June 30, mostly with evening throw-ins, though the Roscommon-Armagh and Fermanagh-Cavan games will go ahead on the Sunday afternoon.
For Craig Brown that means even the detail of getting throw-ins from the training ground right can be the difference between winning and losing.
Then Villa won a throw-in deep in their own half on the right.
Here is the true match report: Stoke (Delap) took 19 long throw-ins.
Royal had plenty of chances to win the game with corner kicks, throw-ins to the box and shots in front of the net.
ARSENE WENGER admits he is deeply jealous of Rory Delap's long throw-ins.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE - Whether it was defending them or scoring off them, long throw-in plays hadn't benefited the Westlake High girls' soccer team.
When we get a throw-in the gaffer often says not to throw it into feet, but to get it into the box.
Almost every game we score from a throw-in,'' coach Andrew Bennett said.
Speaking in Arsenal's official magazine, out now, he said: "Every throw-in was like a freekick.
The crucial throw-in came from Mike Flynn in the 59th minute.