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Owners must not throw sticks anywhere near frozen water as the dog will go skidding on to chase it and put itself and its owner in danger.
Mrs Mann seemed to just take the dog across the road to a field opposite and throw sticks for it.
It was an attraction where the public could pay to throw sticks at a man, as he ducked into the barrel or deflected them with his own stick.
Todd Martin probably would prefer that you not throw sticks at him.
We haven't felt the need to throw sticks, picks or microphones at each other just yet.
Bison were so plentiful above the Milk River in current-day Montana that "the men frequently throw sticks and stones at them to drive them out of their way.
Since we can't throw sticks and stones, let's hope that words will hurt them.
I suppose they still throw sticks, though whether they chew sticks of gum is debatable.
And ( no, Jonny, don't throw sticks at your sister ( visit a friend who's ( I said don't do that ( you'll get her eye out
Never throw sticks, as these can pierce a dog's windpipe.
A GIRL student who thought it "fine" to throw sticks and stones at police because they were wearing helmets was spared jail yesterday.
Children may walk into roads to collect fallen conkers, or throw sticks to dislodge conkers.
If you see one, back off and throw sticks or stones.
DOG owners have been told not to throw sticks for their pets by a top vet.
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