throw back

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throw back with a quick, light motion


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Yeah, who knew that the kid just learning to throw back then, today is veteran major league lefthander Randy Wolf, the Los Angeles Dodgers' newest $8 million acquisition to the pitching rotation.
It's also true that Saturn was an attempt by dedicated individuals within GM to produce a vehicle with advanced technologies that would throw back the curtain on this cabal's nefarious deeds.
Conover suggests one tactic to counteract such trends: Require that fleets throw back the largest fish as well as the smallest ones, thereby preserving fast-growing fish in any population.
The object at first seems absurdly whimsical, then turns darkly cartoonish when one imagines it in use, since the wall fancier's words would only be trapped in the vacuum and throw back into his or her face.
SNOOKER must be one of the only sports where the players call fouls on themselves - a throw back to the days when honour was the order of the day in sport.