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Richard Swannell, from Love Food Hate Waste, said: "Our research has shown that despite our love of beef, we still throw away hundreds of millions of pounds worth every year in the UK, with a weight equivalent to 150 million steaks.
Please support the project and if you have a business where you could donate food you throw away regularly please get in touch with them at www.
Formartine boss Pele, whose side are two points off leaders Rangers, said: "It looks like Brora have only the league to throw away now as they have moved above us with games in hand.
8220;The USDA is projecting that Americans will throw away over 200 million pounds of turkey this Thanksgiving,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and founder of ConsolidatedCredit.
WE throw away the equivalent of six meals every week, a shocking study has found.
The Royals threw away a 4-0 lead in the recent Capital One Cup match, eventually losing 7-5 after extra time, and even when they do go in front they manage to throw away more points than any other Prem side.
Waste Minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach said: "Wasting perfectly good food is bad for household budgets and bad for the environment, which is why we are taking action to help people cut down on what they throw away.
The most advanced six members - Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden and The Netherlands - virtually throw away nothing , less than 3 percent of their municipal waste.
It is estimated that between now and 2020, the UK will throw away 12 million tonnes of electronic equipment, a quarter of which will be IT equipment and other goods which contain around 63 tonnes of palladium and 17 tonnes of iridium.
At the same time, supermarkets' buying policies mean they throw away huge amounts of food each year.
Nooka, venerable maker of sci-fi chic watches, doesn't want you to throw away the box your new watch comes in.
Next time you throw away a cigarette butt, consider this: Many of the 4.
at throw away rate ISLAMABAD, 11 June, 2009 (Frontier Star) National Assembly (NA) standing committee on railways has summoned former chairman Railways, Lt Gen (Retd) Saeed ul Zafar and G.
Food champions have been appointed by Worcestershire Council to encourage homeowners to slash the amount of waste they throw away