throttle valve

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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

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The flow characteristics of the throttle valve is mainly used in the modeling course.
The new unit, the first in the world to integrate an air intake throttle valve and an EGR valve, is half the size of conventional models and requires fewer components, thus reducing costs.
To avoid crystallization of the solution, the temperature of the solution entering the throttle valve should be at least 7[degrees]C (44.
The addition of a new component to the throttle valve in the previous recall caused a malfunction and led to Tuesday's recall.
According to MANN+HUMMEL, the 11-ounce charger, which is driven by the pressure differences on the throttle valve, requires no electrical energy, takes up less than one-third of the space of an electric secondary air pump and works as a turbocharger.
Features include: high-precision spool valve for superior control, deep case hardened steel cylinder for long wear, retainer sleeves that accept jumbo 11X tool steel, adjustable ex-haust deflector, Teflon throttle valve.
Grade FS7586/40 is aimed at automotive under-hood and power-train components, including fuel seals, O-rings, throttle valve gaskets, and connecter grommets and seals.
FSL7586/40 elastomer is designed for use in applications such as fuel seals, o-rings, connector grommets and seals, and throttle valve gaskets.
If sensors detect the car is cornering too quickly and in danger of sliding, they close the throttle valve, even if the driver is still accelerating.
IN] is fixed at the system design stage while the downstream pumping speed is varied by a throttle valve to control the pressure.
Parameters such as the mixing ratio of the EGR gas to fresh air are controlled by a microprocessor that adjusts an EGR valve and/or throttle valve.
The vehicle is equipped with Dual Throttle Valve fuel injection-equipped 999cc engine that delivers 136W.
Cameron's Compression Systems says it worked in cooperation with Woodward Governor Company to introduce a new integrated Governor Throttle Body (IGTB) as a field retrofit for the original mechanical throttle valve operated by any previous design governor.
Conventional mechanisms have controlled air intake, using a throttle valve separate from the cylinders, according to Toyota.