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Synonyms for throbbing

an instance of rapid strong pulsation (of the heart)

a sound with a strong rhythmic beat

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pounding or beating strongly or violently

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But I can report with certainty that Liverpool now has a throbbing rush hour, regained in our 21st-century revival.
Headaches are among the most common ailments, and may come as a sharp pain, a throbbing sensation or a dull ache.
Being 86, I remember as a child Junker bombers throbbing overhead, and Swansea in flames.
"When we got there it was throbbing. A bit too throbbing for our liking.
Washington, August 23 (ANI): A new research has shown that for carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers, itching and throbbing are pain qualities most responsible for impaired functioning and sleep disruption.
The huge, throbbing "Z" logo forming the backdrop of the set throbbed and glittered with the show.
Lastweek, you might recall, he made an important clarification for readers of the Watford Observer - "We were a bit like the Dirty Dozen, only not murderers" - and this timehe's describing a remarkable physical characteristic of Graham Taylor's, with the memorable phrase: "When that stands out andstarts throbbing, it is a tell-tale sign of a roasting about to be delivered."
There's a decent original vocal mix, with throbbing bassline and bouncy acidy keys, but the winners here are the Tiger Stripes' raw remixes that strip it back, with minimal beats and a powerful resonating vocal over the top.
To determine treatment, an acupuncturist will typically ask about the nature of the pain (dull, sharp, throbbing), where and when headaches tend to occur, and what typically makes them worse or better: cold, heat, exercise, rest, etc.
A few gems transcend the The's haunting "King of Rain," the throbbing "Empire" with Bomb the Bass--but the omission of livelier fare like her hip-hop duet with MC Lyte for "I Want Your (Hands on Me)" and the Junior Vasquez remix of Ghostland's "Guide Me God" means Collaborations dissipates too easily into aural wallpaper.
Perhaps it was the corseted, thonged, or flower-pantalooned men, the opening scene's smoke-laced light cone, or the throbbing drums of Wire's score.
There, the tooth doctor X-rayed Lawler's skull and found the throbbing culprit.
It's geared more towards girls--romantic situations are characterized by the appearance of flowers in the background and the loud B-Bumping of the characters' throbbing hearts.
There was stinging agony in my face and throbbing in my head.