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Synonyms for thrive

Synonyms for thrive

to do or fare well

to grow rapidly and luxuriantly

Synonyms for thrive

grow vigorously

make steady progress

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Re-authoring refers to changing one's mindset from being a victim to being a survivor to eventually being a thriver. Re-authoring traumatic experiences in a way that facilitates posttraumatic growth involves the following strategies: "cultivate the growth mindset; use metaphors; expressive writing" (Joseph, 2011, pp.
Calleja said: "Thrivers can inadvertently develop an insensitivity to others, who then get hurt if they get in the way."
You've juggled a lot in the public eye and I know you don't like "survivor"--you're a thriver, a fighter.
Meaning reconstruction may result in the displacement of the sense that one has been "victimized." If the individual retains the view that the ex-mate has victimized him or her, the therapist may shift the focus of the elaboration of meaning to include "survivor" and ultimately "thriver" self views.
But, for heaven's sake, I should hate to try to work out whether a horse like Galileo would be a thriver or a collapser.
As a Breast Cancer Thriver, I know how expensive medical care is and although I didn't have to plan a wedding during my treatments, I have made it my personal mission to help those that simply cannot afford both."
Bexar County Family Justice Center, (n.d.) Assisting victims in their journey from survivor to thriver. Retrieved from
The ProThrivers line of products has been specifically designed with the guidance of Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, a respected naturopathic doctor for 20 years and an expert in thriver care.
AMAZING superstar singer and actress CHER is not only a survivor - she's a through and through thriver.
Olivia, who likes to describe herself as a "thriver" rather than a survivor, has been through a succession of ordeals since her breast cancer in 1992.
When we can focus on healing our unhealed parts we no longer remain a victim who can only hope to survive the experience, we become a thriver, an empowered individual as a result of what happened to us.”
Rizzo will attend the Race with his mom, Laurie Rizzo, and will lead the Survivor's Parade, providing inspiration for survivors, thrivers and their loved ones.
"Club Z is a fun, creative, and innovative student success club where strivers and thrivers work toward individual and team goals," said Caron Sada, Ph.D., psychology, residential faculty at PVCC.