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any of various small to minute sucking insects with narrow feathery wings if any

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La estimacion del semivariograma se hizo con los datos de captura de Thrips simplex obtenidos en los sitios de muestreo; el valor experimental del semivariograma se calculo en base a lo establecido por Isaaks y Srivastava (1989):
The reduction percentage in thrips population decreased gradually after 96 hrs of spray but remained effective up to one week in all the botanical pesticides.
2008) proved that imidacloprid showed better results against cotton thrips with the mortality of 96.
In Bahawalnagar, one hot spot of white fly, Thrips (2), and armyworm (1).
The bio-insecticides market for thrips control is projected to reach a value of USD 418.
However, in spite of these characteristics and although a highly diverse assemblage of thrips may be associated with Fabaceae in Brazil (MONTEIRO, 2002), little is known regarding thrips and these plant species in caatinga-cerrado ecotone vegetation in northeastern Brazil.
The present study carried out to investigate the Thrips and their natural enemies on rose".
El estudio de la biodiversidad de thrips de la region permite analizar las posibilidades de especies que puedan ser utilizadas como controles, aquellas que pueden tener un rol como polinizadores y las que pueden presentar importancia por su potencial como plagas.
Overproduction of cardamom, along with the thrips pest, which has affected 35% of production, are putting downward pressure on the price of the seed in Guatemala, reports Elperiodico.
Carol: Thrips and flea beetles could be eating holes in your gladioli leaves, though they usually go for brassicas.