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Synonyms for thrilled

Synonyms for thrilled

feeling a very strong emotion

Words related to thrilled

feeling intense pleasurable excitement

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Tess was thrilled when she learned she was expecting again.
"Many patients were thrilled to see Rashied and Copeland, and were honored that the Bears players thought enough of them to take time to visit," said Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Voluntary Services Program Manager Marie L.
"Along with my fantastic sales force, I am thrilled to be a part of this new era for the Village office, offering this vibrant community's consumers a first-rate, neighborhood location with access to Warburg's wide-range of resources"
She said, 'I'm thrilled for the family and devastated for Luke.
"We're thrilled that people like Hilda could see this," said RainbowVision president Joy Silver.
Often, enthusiasts are thrilled to hear back from companies and spread the word about new features and new programs offered by the company.
I was thrilled with the literature, high standards and motivation of competitions and auditions.
"We're thrilled to have the 832nd here permanently?' said Peek.
But while the audience thrilled at the brief appearances of Walker's tap buddies Savion Glover and Jimmy Slyde (as well as at Walker's own performance), the usually reserved Walker rambled on in her speech about her career, her family, and tap.
"We are thrilled that Steve Wozniak has decided to jump back into the arena with yet another visionary plan," said Draper.
"I'm thrilled for him, thrilled for the court and thrilled for the state of New Hampshire," said the thrice-thrilled dean.
Judy Waxman, Director of Government Affairs at Families USA, applauded the move, saying, "Consumers would be thrilled not to have to wait the extra time, and doctors would be thrilled not to be second-guessed by clerks.
Not all the work thrilled. Paula Hayes' clunky garden-shop structures didn't enliven the definition of drawing but enervated it and the tradition of earth art they supposedly connote.
Elsewhere, Holly is thrilled when Robbie informs her he's applied to go to the same uni as her, and Jason is stunned when he spots a topless Robbie being chucked out into the village by Dirk.
Speaking exclusively to Record Sport Levein said: "I'm just thrilled to bits, I really am.