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Synonyms for thriftiness

careful use of material resources

Synonyms for thriftiness

frugality in the expenditure of money or resources


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Weiss, predicts that Warehouse Membership Clubs will thrive in the '90s, "because they offer large sizes at low prices, and this conveys a feeling of substantiality and thriftiness to the consumer."
The thriftiness of Kelly, Kinard and Qualls illustrates how you can uncover hidden dollars regardless of your income bracket.
In an unusual demonstration of the body's thriftiness, the hormones are a matched set: Although opposite in activity, they are largely rearrangements of the same components.
Alan Naiman was known for an unabashed thriftiness that veered into comical, but even those closest to him had no inkling of the fortune that he quietly amassed and the last act that he had long planned.
You can add even more to your feel-good freezer thriftiness by combing through your pantry and refrigerator for odds and ends of cheese, produce and condiments for your toppings.
Baden-Powell and Boyce based the Boy Scouts movement on the core foundational values of loyalty, helpfulness, chivalry, kindness, thriftiness, braveness, obedience, and cleanliness.
The government shows signs of thriftiness with the fact that the budget revision keeps a controlled deficit of 2.9 percent.
8 Treat thriftiness as a part-time job so you have time to research the expense of every item.
Given the high maturity level of the category, as well as the trend towards consumer thriftiness, in-car entertainment remained on a downward trend, resulting in volume sales decline for most players.
My kiwi "thriftiness" (some would call them tight) kicks in and I think "I could collect stuff.fix it up and sell it!" Or perhaps I could become a promoter for the English rugby team!
"BBC Charter renewal is just around the corner, perhaps thriftiness will be in the minds of BBC execs in 2016."
Scott Walker, eyeing a run for the White House in 2016, touted his fighting spirit and Midwestern thriftiness in a Saturday night speech to Harris County Republicans.
Weaker consumer spending and widespread thriftiness are clouds over Beijing's long-term goal to encourage domestic sales, rather than exports or investment, to drive economic growth.