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the intensity level that is just barely perceptible

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Spray should be applied till 9 am in the morning or after 4 pm in the evening and at a time when incidence of pests reach economic threshold level.
A report from the Cheltenham stewards read: "The sampling officer reported that Tom Bellamy provided a sample which was found to contain alcohol above the threshold level for breath samples.
During the past several months, Al has focused its advocacy efforts in several key areas, including statutes of limitations, evaluations, appraisal threshold levels and loans issued by the U.
We maintain the proportion of each threshold level relative to the endowment.
Time series data requires to considering the linearity or nonlinearity, along with threshold level, if any, before processing it to include in any model and further policy recommendations.
Julius Baer plans to keep $5 million as threshold levels for investors to walk in.
With a new anti-drunk driving act signed into law, the Department of Health and other related agencies will now have to determine the specific threshold level for blood alcohol contents, according to Malacanang.
Fix a threshold level of spectrum that each operator must have for efficiency .
The controller's analog front-end measurement must be sensitive enough to measure this small signal while maintaining good signal margin between the measured signal and the threshold level detection setting under all operating conditions (e.
5 times the rejection threshold level of those who prefer milk chocolate.
6 ppb for ethylbenzene, compared with a human drinking water threshold of 700 ppb; 24 ppb for toluene, compared with a threshold level of 1,000 ppb; and 14 ppb for xylenes, compared with a threshold level of 10,000 ppb.
Gillies had been booked for four mounts at the County Durham circuit, but a breath sample was found to contain alcohol in a concentration above the threshold level for breath samples.
It was also found that threshold level of inflation, in terms of RPV, varies with general inflationary phases, i.
Summary: Moody's Investors Service is introducing a threshold level of EUR250 million for the assignment of credit estimates to syndicated loans.
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