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a function that takes the value 1 if a specified function of the arguments exceeds a given threshold and 0 otherwise

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Section 3 proposes and analyzes a new threshold function. The experiment system is introduced in the experimental part, and the experiment result is analyzed and evaluated by using SNR, crosscorrelation, and mean square error (MSE) as well.
The traditional hard and soft threshold functions are shown in the following equations:
The cell is operated 10 is clocked, and its behaviour can be abstracted has been that of a multi-input Edge Triggered FlipFlop, threshold logic flip-flop, otherwise conventional D-type ETFF (D-FF) computes the identity function f (x) = x on a clock edge, n-NOR cell computes a threshold function f ([x.sub.1], [x.sub.2], ..., [X.sub.n]) on a clock edge.
Adaptive threshold function is adopted to distinguish image details and noises in high-frequency subbands of the NSCT domain, which is used to remove noises.
The improved threshold function f can automatically change with wavelet coefficients, which can effectively overcome the defects of hard threshold function and soft threshold function.
Yan-Sheng, "A new wavelet threshold function and denoising application," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
The soft threshold function on the other hand is expressed in
A standard Boolean threshold function [t.sub.k,m]: [{0,1}.sup.m] [right arrow] {0,1} is defined by
A function f (n) is called a sharp threshold function for a graph property A if there are two positive constants C and c such that G(n, p) satisfies A almost surely for p [greater than or equal to] Cf (n) and G(n, p) almost surely does not satisfy A for p [less than or equal to] cf (n).
where [lambda](u)--stochastic threshold function, [[bar.x].sub.T]--input spike pattern.
when thresholding is applied to a set of numbers in an algorithm, the threshold function (denoted Q below) sends quantities under a prescribed threshold (so insignificant relative to the selected threshold) to zero.
Then we apply the threshold operation which is fuzzy in nature.The threshold function serves to reduce inputs to a strict range.
We also estimated an ordinary logit model with price volatility and competitive brand discounting as additional exogenous variables that are included in the threshold function of our model.
neusciences' ActiveX control also includes a threshold function for pre-processing input data for CART-based modelling.
is possible where f is a threshold function of two Boolean arguments.