threshing machine

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a farm machine for separating seeds or grain from the husks and straw

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No fewer than seven threshing machines were in action, ensuring a day-long display of pre-combine crop processing.
Linares, who has lost only three times in his long, 46-fight career, is unbeaten since walking into a threshing machine called Sergio Thompson in 2012.
Wheat was planted using a McCormick grain drill, harvested with a McCormick reaper, threshed by a traveling threshing machine, and stored in bins in the granary until sold.
He had learned from his father how to build and operate a grain threshing machine which would be called "disruptive technology" today.
Case the Racine Threshing Machine Works in Wisconsin in 1842.
It was there, on the shores of the Root River, that founder Jerome Increase Case established the Racine Threshing Machine Works to produce a revolutionary machine to speed up the separation of grain after harvest.
This is not the first time a fundraiser has been organized around breaking a threshing machine world record.
A tractor mounted machine for aerating and mixing bio-wastes, a tree pruner, an electric painting brush, improved plant varieties, a weaving machine and threshing machine for paddy were some of the selected innovations.
The walls were hung with photographs of ancient country folk, teams of shire horses hitched to ploughs, agricultural labourers lined up in front of a steam-driven threshing machine.
As Ali was feeding wheat into a 25 horse power threshing machine, the wind blew his clothing causing it to get caught in the thresher.
* HARVEST TIME: A local hi-tech threshing machine The inside info comes from my mate Annabella at the BPI bank who says it's been unusually unrelenting.
The 54-year-old victim lost his arms six years ago in a threshing machine.
A Rolling Stone review compared the band's sound to 'a threshing machine devouring a military drum corps'.
The year is 1904 and technological advances are emerging, including the racing motorcar, air flight, filmmaking and the steel Case Agitator threshing machine. It is the latter that Russell is most excited about.