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Synonyms for thresh

to beat (plants) with a machine or by hand to separate the grain from the straw


to swing about or strike at wildly

thresh out: to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for thresh

move or stir about violently

move like a flail


Related Words

beat the seeds out of a grain

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Corn ears (Rodni species) were threshed in the threshing unit at their physiological maturity stage with a grain moisture content of 30.49 [+ or -] 0.6%, a moisture content of the ear cobs of 54.85 [+ or -] 1.31%, and a moisture content of the corn ear covering leaves of 27.51 [+ or -] 2.41%.
While there is no real equivalent of Thresh in Britain, a UK Quake champion did emerge at last year's Quakeadelica final.
Thresh - derived from "to strike repeatedly" - is an idol to millions of youngsters who, thanks to the Internet, can watch the cyber-battles he wins in champion style.
The time to the start of ear movement over the surface of the first concave crossbar after contact between the ear and the cylinder rasp bar, and the time to the fall of the threshed ear off the concave, was recorded.
Mr Thresh had hoped for a leisurely dip in the pool but was instead thrown in fully-clothed.
Re: "Remembering Thrashin' Day," by Robert Pripps (Farm Collector, March 2018): We threshed a little around here with an Avery threshing machine and a 22-36 International tractor for power, until my dad bought a small Case combine.
Mr Thresh said: " The hotel has been very successful with a good mix of corporate, conference and leisure business."
Mr Thresh (left) is from the Mid-lands and studied catering and hotel management at Stafford College before joining Embassy Hotels.
The threshed material with unseparated through concave grains are forwarded to the collecting container 10 by means of the beater 5.
Khan said the old tradition of Ashar campaigns in which farmers with the help of each others' harvest and thresh wheat crops has almost gone and mostly farmers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa now get their crop harvested/threshed through labourers.
The Indiana man claimed the machine couldn't thresh more than 30 bushels a day and called it "a Yankee humbug!" Case went to Marion, hired experienced men and teams, and got the thresher ready.
My plan was to make a machine that would actually thresh grain, and my choice was that it would be millet.
That tractor and threshing machine combination was used to thresh wheat for people all over Madison and Buncombe counties from the late 1930s until the mid to late 1950s.
Frank was paid by the bushel (typically 3 to 5 cents/bushel) to thresh grain.