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a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

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City building and city growth cannot be explained by focusing on urban failures and urban pathologies, or by wallowing in threnodies of woe.
Haralambidhis's Famagusta or Niki Ladhaki's "July Cries," belongs to the touching corpus of threnodies about national catastrophes since 1453.
The famous composer of threnodies, Cai Yong [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (133-92), wrote, in a tomb inscription for the Later Han scholar-at-home Juan Dian [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (95-169), who could not be humbled into accepting the eminent positions offered him,
And she wrote any number of eloquent threnodies to commemorate the lives of anonymous New Englanders.
But if Mahon's personae often voice bitterness and betrayal in their pastoral threnodies, then Mahon himself contradicts their laments with his characteristically ironic distance.
It is as if we shoved huge stones aside to make room for our little threnodies.
It appears that the friar encouraged adaptation of secular tunes for the settings of devotional poetry, a form of religious contrafacta in which carnival tunes could be converted to Lenten threnodies. Savonarola himself wrote texts for such laude.