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a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

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Like Johnson, Kirk had a naturally threnodic soul, as free from capitalist as from Rousseauist arrogance.
in 1946") (4)--an understanding of tragedy ("eliciting of the play's threnodic essence"), and a denial of a potential reading ("The Colonial Factor is an incident, a catalytic incident merely" [Soyinka 1975, 7]).
There is a crude truth here; most good baseball books and films (as opposed to the thousands of as-told-to books published each year), threnodic or not, are celebrations of the great American pastoral and, as such, mine veins of remembrance.
The tone of the poet is acerbic and threnodic and his mood is grave, because the circumstances and events that gave birth to the poems were extremely painful and traumatic and their atmosphere reeked too much of death.
"The Threnodic Essence of Soyinka's Work." A Dance of the Forests, Dijon: Special Issue of Commonwealth Essays and Studies 1-15.
Here is its triumph over and above that of its threnodic saying of crisis, for here is an affirmation, via the meditation of relationship, of what threatened perhaps to dissolve into impertinence or irrelevance: poetry, its specifically relational power, a power that, stuttering and stammering, yet saves and gathers.