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former cupronickel coin of the United Kingdom equal to three pennies

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But Jane declared that Agatha only possessed threepence in the world, and therefore could not possibly have given the man thirty times that sum.
We bought water-melons nearly twice as large as a man's head, most deliciously cool and well-flavoured, for a halfpenny apiece; and for the value of threepence, half a wheelbarrowful of peaches.
To supply the demand, the General Court passed a law for establishing a coinage of shillings, sixpences, and threepences.
All this old and new silver being melted down and coined, the result was an immense amount of splendid shillings, sixpences, and threepences.
The buttons of his waistcoat were sixpences; and the knees of his small-clothes were buttoned with silver threepences.
Ellen said that it would cost threepence to go and get some sweets and that it was sixpence for a ticket.
The School Savings Bank there had been open for a year and PS463 17 shillings and five pence had been deposited there, while in the 'Monday Morning Bank' PS97 two shillings and threepence had been placed.
And if I had half as many pound coins, and twice as much money in my piggy bank, there'd be just threepence more in all.
THREE Huddersfield Town FA Cup final programmes, which cost a total of one shilling and threepence new - nearly 8p in modern money - sold for PS1,170 at an auction.
If they were in a gold envelope they cost an extra threepence.
In a nutshell that is the long and short of it and as a former goalie, albeit at a lower level, who had to stand on tuppence to see over threepence, it pains me to say it.
I still have my first pay packet for the week ending 8-9-1951 and after deductions of three shillings and threepence, I took home the grand sum of two pounds one shilling and fourpence.
I still remember Annie and many times admit I gave a hard luck story and gained a threepence bit.
Wandering in a London warehouse in search of a bargain, Phillips came upon shelves of cheap old books, vowing to buy the first one that cost threepence (roughly a dime) and "make it serve a serious longterm project.
This will hopefully provide a complete set of Australian currency with some 2 and 1 cent coins, may bring in some older $1 and $2 notes, some pre-plastic currency ($1, $2 up to $20 notes) or commemorative $10 notes, and hopefully some pre-decimal coins (pennies, halfpennies, threepence, sixpence, florins, shillings).