three-ring circus

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a circus with simultaneous performances in three rings

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The three-ring circus was composed of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), the House of Representatives, and the presidential consultative committee on Charter change.
The iconic three-ring circus, mother of all American circuses, was closing its show after 146 years.
"It has been a three-ring circus from the day that they've moved in," another neighbor Marietta Robinson, who lives across the street, told ( AP .
Alessi's new Circus Collection from designer Marcel Wanders captures all the magic and fun of a three-ring circus in a mixed material collection.
Add more complexity to the three-ring circus of gun purchase, ownership and possession in some jurisdictions, and the silence is stark!
If content is presented like a three-ring circus, it will have the same credibility.
The outcome of this three-ring circus, though, showed it remains the local Republicans who are the best ring-masters around.
Entrepreneur, fraudster, philanthropist, vehement anti-slavery campaigner and almost-owner of Shakespeare's birthplace, he is famous today for pioneering the three-ring circus - a spectacle he grandly described as "the Greatest Show on Earth".
Its Group 1 clashes such as this that have the public on edge, though good luck to the 30,000 who turned out at Ascot last Saturday to watch a three-ring circus.
The musical follows their story as Barnum's desire to dazzle sets him on the path to huge fame and fortune, finally becoming partner in a travelling three-ring circus billed as The Greatest Show on Earth.
With her caddish hubby's carnal pleasures hitting a carnival pitch, Lambert snaps, "You got girls that sing and dance/I hear one's an acrobat/You got 'em swinging from the chandelier/Well, honey, I don't swing like that.'' With the title referring to Lambert giving her diamond back (hence, making her ex two rings shy of a three-ring circus), "Two Rings Shy'' is a stinging kiss-off song that boast unbridled passion, snappy lyrics and even a carnival atmosphere to boot.
Perhaps that's why on those rare occasions when change comes to "Tonight," it always feels like a three-ring circus.
Recipes will be staged as a three-ring circus. Opting for an international cast defined by cultural and aesthetic differences, she invited the earthy Chipaumire, a Zimbabwean known for her fusion of African and contemporary dance, and the cool, quiet, Parisian-style dancer/actress Fournier, a French Swede, into her choreographic mix.
It was not unlike a three-ring circus. Everyone wanted to go to the 401(k) and everyone had a great time once they got there.
In the title story, about a circus having to cancel its Hartford show the day it opens, on 9/11, we meet Ted again, this time with a wife and a yearning to revisit the scene of his early trauma: a three-ring circus. Although the circus troupe has necessarily canceled its show, it decides to put one on anyway--for the sake of Ted and his wife, who have sneaked into the empty arena.