three-point landing

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a landing in which all three wheels of the aircraft touch the ground at the same time

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Next comes learning the flare and three-point landings. [Three-point/ full stall/tailwheel-first landings are considered together in this article--all are minimum energy touchdowns with the airplane at or near stall speed.) Initially, all operations are on grass runways as the airplane is easier to control, partially because of the extra drag on the tailwheel in grass.
The pilot descended and made a three-point landing (conventional tail-down landing gear) on the first third of the runway.
The pilot stated he made a normal three-point landing and the left wing dipped during the rollout.
The last was to be a three-point landing. The plane touched down with all three wheels aligned with the center line but then began veering toward the runway's edge.
Meanwhile, a three-point landing in a taildragger will be pretty much the same as landing a trike on its mains.