three-piece suit

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a business suit consisting of a jacket and vest and trousers

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The navy wool waistcoat, which can be snapped up from Marks & Spencer's official Football Association Collection for Au65, is part of the three-piece suit designed for this year's team priced at Au264.
Meanwhile, Nader Telab from Sudan won the coveted best dressed male prize for his dapper three-piece suit. The white blazer, worthy of a washing up powder advert, was paired with white trousers and a blue waist coat.
A Chinese woman who feared her elderly grandfather might not live to see her get married decided to take matters into her own hands by having mock wedding photographs taken, with her dressed all in white and him in a smart three-piece suit.
DAVID GANDY: If ever a man was born to wear a three-piece suit, that man is Mr Gandy.
"Little Keano", as his dad called him, was dressed to the nines in a three-piece suit complete with a dicky bow with his beaming mum Claudine and the Ireland legend.
Momy was my fairy godfather, the man who would help launch my journalism career, and I never imagined he'd be wearing a three-piece suit, Panama hat, and bow tie.
Dutch model Doutzen and Ethiopianborn Liya both worked the party's gold and black theme to the limit with 31-yearold Doutzen teaming her shimmering three-piece suit with a black velvet bra and Liya showing us how to pull off this season's big pyjama trend without looking like we are ready for bed.
Pictured on set in Pontcanna, he was cleanshaven and wearing a long winter coat over a plum three-piece suit.
A statement of men's fashion in the 20s was a man's three-piece suit, generally made of wool, consisting of a jacket, trousers and a waistcoat.
Cooper's commitment to a three-piece suit is remarkable.
Sitting in a wheelchair and dressed in a blue three-piece suit and red tie, Bouteflika placed his right hand on the Holy Quran as he repeated in a frail voice the oath read out by Supreme Court chief Slimane Boudi.
Dressed in his signature rust-colored three-piece suit and a striped tie, Ferrell read stories off the teleprompter, punctuated them with exaggerated eye blinks and engaged in witty banter with the Bismarck news team.
For the new uniforms, Westwood wanted to create a futuristic look which references her enduring interest in 40's French couture cutting techniques as well as the Savile Row tailoring heritage, which is translated into a three-piece suit in burgundy for male crew.
All male cabin crew now wear the same look, a modern three-piece suit and tie, with different colours to signify different roles.