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having a lane for traffic in each direction and a center lane for passing

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Strovolos' municipal council last year rejected the government's proposal for a three-lane road and opted for a scaled down version which is more business and pedestrian friendly.
Earlier, a three-lane exit to Dubai from Maleiha Road was opened, smoothening the morning commute for thousands of motorists.
Two intersections at Duhail and Umm Salal Mohamed will be opened partially tomorrow along with the new three-lane Huwaila flyover, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced.
Those new ramps are a one-lane flyover crossing over I-495 north to I-90 west connecting to I-495 as an acceleration lane before merging into the existing three-lane highway; a one-lane ramp connecting I-495 south to I-90 west; and a one-lane loop ramp crossing over the existing CSX/commuter line connecting I-495 north to I-90 west.
A two-way, three-lane bridge that is 609 meters long and 26.4 meters wide is being built along Prince Majed Street, while an underpass along Old Makkah Road that is 560 meters long and more than 210 meters wide is also under construction.
The council deadlocked 4-4, with Mayor Kitty Piercy breaking the tie in favor of a three-lane design.
The new bridge located in front of Ajman City Centre is a three-lane road with a traffic signal operated intersection under the bridge."
I did my driving lessons with the BSM 14 year ago and was told to use the centre lane when there is a three-lane approach system to go straight ahead unless road markings dictate otherwise.
Warning against confusing his proposals for over-taking lanes with the creation of three-lane highways, he said: "This is a mind-set that should be challenged...
FHWA studied driver reaction through driving simulations using three selected signing conditions on the approaches to three-lane roundabouts.
The construction work on two-lane carriageway flyover and dual three-lane carriageway underpass along Sheikh Salman Highway at Isa Town Gate in Bahrain is progressing as per schedule, said a top government official.
On three-lane motorways at peak periods the same should apply - one lane for HGVs; on four-lane motorways (M62 at Windy Hill etc), HGVs should be restricted to the two inside lanes only.
A three-lane pneufeed tray denester has recently been installed at Burton's Biscuits Blackpool for denesting Cadbury's Finger trays.
The arenas floor was replaced to create a new gym, and the second-level bleachers were removed to install a three-lane track, with a cardio area along the perimeter.
MORE by accident than design, the photograph of Maundy Thursday traffic crossing the Britannia Bridge, in Friday's Daily Post, illustrated the folly of the political call for the introduction of three-lane flows.