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Synonyms for three-fold

three times as great or many

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having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities

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Lastly, the addition of the above measures aligned with Economic metrics,such as GDP and GDI, completes the 'Beyond GDP' three-fold dashboard for viewing performance.
It highlighted a two to three-fold reduction in the 'average return period', the average time separating two successive heatwaves, since 1878.
Finance cost doubled to Rs401.74 million and exploration cost surged around three-fold to Rs731.26 million.
The company said, "Our strong financial results were driven by a more than three-fold increase in commercial revenue from SPINRAZA compared to last year.
The Reds' revenue has nearly doubled since Fenway Sports Group took ownership of the club in 2010 while operating income increased more than three-fold during the 2016-17 season.
This reflects almost three-fold growth when compared with revenues of USD107,990 in Q1 2017.
In order to emphasize the use of Hb as the only parameter for anaemia assessment without losing the advantage of Hct measurements, the use of the three-fold conversion to equate the two measures has come into practice (6).
Dubai: Iran has increased its missile production three-fold, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said Wednesday, according to the Fars news service.
@Economic Daily News: Cathay Financial Holdings sees three-fold increase in net profit in January
The project will provide three-fold more electricity to actual need of the region.
Mild hearing loss was associated with a two-fold increase, moderate loss with a three-fold increase, and severe hearing loss with a five-fold increase in dementia risk.
ST Asaph-based housebuilder Macbryde Homes, which has developments throughout North Wales and the north west of England, has announced that interest in its current developments is up almost three-fold on the same time last year.
The three-fold event will help the students to seek job opportunity or to start their own business.
Summary: The number of visitors to Gudauri has increased more than three-fold from almost 89,000 visitors during the 2011-2012 season.