three-dimensional radar

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radar that will report altitude as well as azimuth and distance of a target

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s): Three-dimensional radar with long detection distance, Mobile-tps-77.
In a move to strengthen the Polish Air Defence, AMS has been awarded a contract by the NATO Agency NC3A to supply three air defence three-dimensional radar systems (RAT31DL).
Three-dimensional radar portraits of moisture, vegetation, and elevation patterns at Angkor were taken in late 1996 from a NASA aircraft.
The ARSR-4, long-range, three-dimensional radar, is a joint FAA and Department of Defense (DOD) program to provide aircraft position information to the FAA, Air Force, Navy and Customs Service, as well as weather data to the FAA and National Weather Service.
Search and rescue crews plan to use a Side Scan Sonar three-dimensional radar to search the base of the dam and the reservoir floor, where the water is about 114 feet deep.
Figures 14 and 15 show the Bill Board, which is an S-band scanning-beam three-dimensional radar using a phase-scanned planar array of slotted waveguide radiators.
On these mappings, scientists will aim the radar at different angles to create stereographic, three-dimensional radar images and gain a more precise view of the planet's small-scale surface features.
Because of the very high cost of purchasing new three-dimensional radars and the fact that these nations had little capital to invest, this radar re-engineering program could provide a reasonable air defense radar coverage for a fraction of that cost for approximately eight to ten years.
The AN/TPS-75, an upgrade of the AN/TPS-43/70 tactical three-dimensional radars produced by Westing-house, employs an ultra-low sidelobe antenna to reduce its sidelobe emission by more than 50% (Figure 2).
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