three-card monte

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a gambling card game of Spanish origin

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In the struggle for power at the center of Topdog/Underdog, Booth needs to believe that his skill with the confidence game of three-card monte equals or even exceeds that of his older brother Lincoln, a one-time master of the con who has given up the game after the violent death of one of his "crew.
Sooner or later, it's going to come out that someone was juicing their fourth-quarter numbers by running a little three-card Monte game with the auditors.
She might be expert at three-card monte, but I'm sure I'm better tuned to shooters .
Yet there was no room in the pre-war debate--nor is there much in Packer's book--for those who saw through this game of three-card Monte, who simply wanted to destroy the only enemy that had actually declared war on America (that would be al Qaeda).
The "solutions" that address your current painful business problems change from day-to-day, as challenge and opportunity elude capture like the red card in a three-card monte.
ASHLAND - ``Topdog/Underdog'' sounds like a game, and it revolves around a game, an old street hustle called three-card monte.
Even our MBA-addled president has been moved to denounce practices he once employed to great personal effect in a previous incarnation as CEO and three-card monte champion at Harken Oil.
These diversionary tactics, befitting a street corner three-card monte artist will, it is hoped, steer away questions about Harken Energy, Aloha Petroleum, and the pyramiding of a small change piece of the Texas Rangers into a jackpot dwarfing players' salaries, and the whitewash by daddy's securities and exchange commission.
Lincoln, the elder brother, was once a legendary three-card monte dealer.
The "end" of collecting (and keeping) revenues seemed to justify the "means" of first imposing a discriminatory tax and then, upon its invalidation, depriving aggrieved taxpayers of the only true remedy -- refunds -- by engaging in the governmental equivalent of three-card monte.
Those of us who work overseas realize that this whole thing is a three-card monte game, that it's a lie.
As the first magician to be thrown out of the Magic Circle in 85 years (for exposing the Three-card Monte on TV), John is the ideal candidate to reveal the deceptions and deceits carried out on the susceptible every day of the week.
The civic sports promoters are like a bunch of three-card monte dealers.
When three-card monte (the card version of the shell game) was rampant in New York City two decades ago, the house 'the dealer' usually won, and when he didn't, he didn't lose either because instead of paying out, he would intimidate the winner into relinquishing the money.
Like the dealers in three-card monte, the government always wins and the taxpayer always loses.