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  • verb

Synonyms for threaten

be imminent


Synonyms for threaten

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

to subject to danger or destruction

to give warning signs of (impending peril)

Synonyms for threaten

pose a threat to

to utter intentions of injury or punishment against:"He threatened me when I tried to call the police"

Related Words

to be a menacing indication of something:"The clouds threaten rain"

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Lastly, with regard to economic threats--such as a threat to refuse to trade with another--it is again useful to draw distinctions among them, according to the degree of power the threatener manifests with his threat.
Calhoun, 1998) have suggested threateners may be differentiated into those who 'howl' and those who 'hunt.
938), and he mollifies Satan and Eve's virulent blasphemies of God as a Stalinist Threatener and Forbidder with a concessive 'Though threatning' (IX.
Money, the sign of modernity and threatener of social stability, gets put in its place by honor and by love.
Punitive measures; these measures are intended to deter an attack by threatening to inflict what the threatener believes to be unacceptable costs on the attacker subsequent to an attack.
An alternative understanding is that a free choice is simply a choice not constrained by certain particularly powerful inducements, such as threatening to kill a person if he doesn't hand over his wallet to the threatener.
the target's sense of self and provides the threatener with "a
Given the background--especially the background connections between reading, reading properly, being threatened, and accepting the threatener as the master reader--it is going to take an indeterminately long time for the average literate Russian to appreciate the more dangerous Conrad and relinquish the innocuous, politically acceptable, intimate of outcasts and peddler of seascapes.
1 percent), judicial officials risked injury or harm when the threatener actually tried to implement his threat.
the offence does no require that the threatener intend to carry out or act on the threat.
A sample definition could be "an inappropriate behavior, verbal or nonverbal communication, or expression that would lead to the reasonable belief that an act has occurred or may occur which may lead to physical and/or psychological harm to the threatener, to others, or to property.
Formally, the preference order of a nongenuine threatener, for whom suicide is the worst outcome possible, is given by U(T) > U(H) > U(P) > U(S).
What Moore appears to suggest (in the above passage) is that the person who commits a criminal act under duress has been treated unfairly just because the threatener has attached a negative consequence to that person's choice not to commit such an act, a consequence that is not attached to the choice of the rest of us not to do so.
As long as this appeared to be the case, the United States could regard itself as a reluctant threatener of nuclear destruction, merely forced into this unwelcome role by the character of the regimes it felt obliged to oppose.