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outstanding United States athlete (1888-1953)

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Despite missing a number of games, Thorp still picked up five goals and five assists in 10 league games, as well as helping the team to the playoff title.
So, Thorp sat down with Harry and began to dig into Harry's library of experiences to help him find things that might be of interest to other people.
For further details on the Elite Performer Programme at Thorp contact Coulson at
By considering the Long Reconstruction chronology, Thorp persuasively demonstrates how African American education became a fixture in Montgomery County.
Coroner Jonathan Leach ruled Miss Thorp, a former King James's School and Huddersfield Technical College pupil, died from natural causes.
Thorp had attended the awards ceremony as nominee in the category for best newcomer for her performances as Nicola Rubinstein in the ITV soap.
In less than two weeks, the campaign has raised more than $33,000 to aid in Thorp's recovery and eventual transport back to his homeland, where he's expected to undergo up to a year of physical therapy and rehabilitation, Brown wrote.
Nicola Thorp launched a petition which attracted more than 152,400 signatures asking for it to be made illegal for companies to require women to wear the footwear for their jobs.
Nicola Thorp launched a petition pressing for changes in the law after she turned up at PwC in flat shoes, but was told she had to have a 2in-4in heel.
Members of British Parliament met Monday to discuss banning the common workplace rule that required women to wear the footwear, following a petition that was released and circulated by Nicola Thorp, the Associated Press ( reported .
Thorp Academy, in Ryton, Gateshead, had suggested earlier this year that job losses would be needed across teaching and support staff to balance the books.
Dr Adrian Thorp was kicked, punched and had his glasses broken as he tried to restrain one of the mob outside.
LEEDS owner Massimo Cellino wants to ditch the club's Thorp Arch training ground - which he claims is unlucky.