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conscientiousness in performing all aspects of a task

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In a degree I felt that my whole future life depended upon the thoroughness with which I cleaned that room, and I was determined to do it so well that no one could find any fault with the job.
Another thing that impressed itself upon me throughout England was the high regard that all classes have for law and order, and the ease and thoroughness with which everything is done.
But the former under- stood in dismay that Anne was actually enjoying her valley of humiliation--was reveling in the thoroughness of her abasement.
Brought up chiefly at the country home near Windsor to which his father had retired, and left to himself for mental training, he never acquired any thoroughness of knowledge or power of systematic thought, but he read eagerly the poetry of many languages.
When a woman takes to any sort of unlawful man-trade, there's nothing to beat her in the way of thoroughness.
I mean to be thorough, because thoroughness is easy.
Other sides of his character might take hold of and influence boys here and there; but it was this thoroughness and undaunted courage which, more than anything else, won his way to the hearts of the great mass of those on whom he left his mark, and made them believe first in him and then in his Master.
Leach had evidently done his task with a thoroughness that Mugridge had not forgiven, for words followed and evil names involving smirched ancestries.
By the co-operation of different writers in carrying out this plan it was hoped that a thoroughness and completeness of treatment, otherwise unattainable, might be secured.
A wholesome pride in many respects, since it identified honor with perfect integrity, thoroughness of work, and faithfulness to admitted rules; and society owes some worthy qualities in many of her members to mothers of the Dodson class, who made their butter and their fromenty well, and would have felt disgraced to make it otherwise.
I highly recommend this for its clarity and thoroughness.
The great advantage of this work over earlier studies on La Ceppede, namely the thoroughness of Ganim's energetic, insightful, and generous commentary, is somewhat offset by redundancy and insufficient documentation and proof-reading.
By and large, FMCSA does a good job of identifying carriers that pose high crash risks for subsequent compliance reviews, ensuring the thoroughness and consistency of those reviews, and following up with high-risk carriers.
The reasons for his unusual thoroughness have recently become clear: no study gave him the excuse to veto the wind farm.
Despite the extra time airport security adds to the airport process overall, passengers feel confident in the security at North American airports due to the thoroughness of screeners and the implementation of new technologies at some airports," a J.