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Synonyms for thorn

Synonyms for thorn

a sharp, pointed object

one that makes another totally miserable by causing sharp pain and irritation


Synonyms for thorn

something that causes irritation and annoyance

a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf

a Germanic character of runic origin

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So the Nightingale pressed closer against the thorn, and louder and louder grew her song, for she sang of the birth of passion in the soul of a man and a maid.
But the thorn had not yet reached her heart, so the rose's heart remained white, for only a Nightingale's heart's-blood can crimson the heart of a rose.
So the Nightingale pressed closer against the thorn, and the thorn touched her heart, and a fierce pang of pain shot through her.
cried the Tree, "the rose is finished now"; but the Nightingale made no answer, for she was lying dead in the long grass, with the thorn in her heart.
The world is a thorny wilderness, my daughter, and its thorns are watered with a rain of blood, and we wander in our wretchedness like lost travellers in a mist; nor do I know why our feet are set on this wandering.
When he was at a safe distance the boy extricated himself from the thorn tree; but not without inflicting new wounds upon his already tortured flesh.
For several days the boy and the ape lay up while the former recovered from the painful wounds inflicted by the sharp thorns.
Maryhill cracked the bar at one end before Thorn broke up the park and Ross Horne played in powerful Smith who rounded the keeper to score.
One such package is the Garden Thorn, a handy product that delivers water directly to plants' roots, thereby decreasing the amount of liquid lost to evaporation and runoff.
Thorn is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving technology innovation to fight child sexual exploitation.
ANDY Thorn is entitled to take more than a passing interest in the Easter Monday fixture between Kidderminster Harriers and Tranmere Rovers at the end of the month.
A DOG has been saved by a Dewsbury vet - after inhaling a deadly thorn.
Two fire crews attended the blaze and used breathing apparatus to reach two-yearold Thorn in the basement.
BEN Charles thought he had bought a reliable car when he handed over PS3,000 to dealer Gary Thorn for a seven-year-old Ford Focus.
and Marian Thorn and his brother, Carl Russell Thorn all predeceased him.