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being or sounding of nervous or suppressed laughter


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The 2% thoriated tungsten cathode reaches more than 3000 K during steady-state operation.
The cathode design is based upon thoriated tungsten technology.
Weldcraft offers five types of tungsten-pure, 2 percent ceriated, 2-percent thoriated, 1.5-percent lanthanum and rare earth, each of which is available in industry standard diameters of 0.040", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", and 5/32".
The federal district court rejected the plaintiff's contention that a classification of a component of the welding rods as a carcinogen was sufficient evidence of general causation, stating that the mere fact that thorium dioxide has been classified by certain regulatory agencies as a carcinogen was not probative on the issue whether Burleson's exposure to thoriated tungsten electrodes caused his lung and throat cancers.
"Once I converted to an inverter with Advanced Squarewave technology," Schlieckau continues, "I could weld aluminum at a higher frequency [see sidebar] with a sharpened, 2% thoriated tungsten.
A prisoner brought a civil rights action alleging that prison officials were deliberately indifferent to his health when they allowed him to weld with thoriated tungsten electrodes during the two years he worked as a welder at the prison's stainless steel plant.