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removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

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However, the incidence of pneumothorax and the requirement for tube thoracostomy are comparable after thoracentesis and pleural biopsy.
Patients typically develop pernicious coughing or chest tightness during or immediately following thoracentesis or chest tube placement.
Ex vacuo pneumothorax may be a consequence of thoracentesis or chest tube insertion.
The procedures are central venous cannulation, radial arterial line placement, endotracheal intubation, lumbar puncture, abdominal paracentesis, thoracentesis, and knee arthrocentesis.
Most systemic air embolism complications that have been reported were secondary to procedures such as percutaneous transthoracic needle biopsy, thoracentesis, chest trauma, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation [7].
The outcome was influenced by the following additional information: the suggestion of a pulmonary consolidation rather than a nodule; the exclusion of a diaphragmatic rupture; the location and characterization of an abscess or neoplasm with central necrosis; the identification of adenopathy in the cranial mediastinum, suggesting lymphoma; the identification of pleural effusion with the presence of debris, suggesting pyothorax (Figure 1); and the quantification of the pleural effusion resulting in the decision to not perform a thoracentesis.
The diagnosis is made by chest X-ray, thoracentesis and gammagraphy.
Objective: To determine the frequency of pneumothorax following ultrasound guided thoracentesis in our department and its association with gauge of needle in causation of pneumothorax.
Cultures from thoracentesis grew out Acremonium strictum and intravenous liposomal amphotericin B was given at a dose of 200 mg daily.
Common causes include positive pressure mechanical ventilation, central venous catheter insertion (subclavian vein), thoracentesis, transthoracic needle aspiration, and transbronchial biopsy.
Immediately after bilateral thoracentesis to remove the compression by the hemothorax, 900 mL of blood was evacuated.
Fluid removal (often >100 mL) by thoracentesis, along with appropriate antimicrobial drag therapy, relieves dyspnea, speeds healing, and sometimes saves lives.
Thoracentesis and fluid analysis is a low-risk, cost-effective procedure that can rapidly narrow down the differential diagnosis.
44,45) Ultrasound is also being used to guide a multitude of other procedures, including pericardiocentesis, thoracentesis, paracentesis, arthrocentesis, (46,47) therapeutic injections, (48,49) and more.
All patients underwent diagnostic thoracentesis and pleural fluid was sent for biochemical and microscopic analysis.