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Synonyms for thirties

the time of life between 30 and 40

the decade from 1930 to 1939


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Take us back to the Thirties, George, When workers scrabbled for jobs, And were grateful for scraps from the tables, Thrown to them by the nobs.
There are scores of other interesting insights--how, for instance, the kind of intellectuals who became engage in the thirties spent the twenties "deliberately distanc[ing] themselves from public affairs; their refusal to talk or think about politics was how they guaranteed their intellectual purity.
Some choreographers were more forceful than others in aligning modem dance with the political and social concerns that rocked the decade of the thirties.
In the thirties and again in the sixties, Americans answered the call to fight sweeping wars on poverty.
Figures shows a 110-percent increase among those under the age of thirty, and a 75-percent increase among those in their thirties and forties, according to the United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association, a nationwide organization that governs and promotes ballroom dance locally, nationally, and internationally.