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Synonyms for thirties

the time of life between 30 and 40

the decade from 1930 to 1939


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Take us back to the Thirties, George, When workers scrabbled for jobs, And were grateful for scraps from the tables, Thrown to them by the nobs.
BF: You converted to Catholicism In your thirties, but it almost feels as If you must have had a Catholic sensibility even before you converted, It seems so deep in you.
Both Li and Di, as close friends called them, rejected what she calls "ritualistic politics." In the thirties, forties, and fifties, liberals disillusioned with Soviet totalitarianism went one of two ways.
Some choreographers were more forceful than others in aligning modem dance with the political and social concerns that rocked the decade of the thirties. But all looked issues of labor, fascism, and racism squarely in the face and explored related themes heroically in works like Jane Dudley's Harmonica Breakdown (1940), Doris Humphrey's With My Red Fires (1936), and Lester Horton's The Mine (1935).
In the thirties and again in the sixties, Americans answered the call to fight sweeping wars on poverty.