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Synonyms for thirteenth

position 13 in a countable series of things

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coming next after the twelfth in position


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For the first one hundred or one hundred and fifty years, it seems, the two languages remained for the most part pretty clearly distinct, but in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries English, abandoning its first aloofness, rapidly took into itself a large part of the French (originally Latin) vocabulary; and under the influence of the French it carried much farther the process of dropping its own comparatively complicated grammatical inflections--a process which had already gained much momentum even before the Conquest.
The metrical system, which begins to appear in the thirteenth century and comes to perfection a century and a half later in Chaucer's poems combined what may fairly be called the better features of both the systems from which it was compounded.
In the outcome success fell to the East Midland dialect, partly through the influence of London, which under the Norman kings replaced Winchester as the capital city and seat of the Court and Parliament, and partly through the influence of the two Universities, Oxford and Cambridge, which gradually grew up during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and attracted students from all parts of the country.
Cuckoo Song,' of the thirteenth century, intended to be sung in harmony by four voices:
Most numerous of all the prose works, perhaps, were the Chronicles, which were produced generally in the monasteries and chiefly in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the greater part in Latin, some in French, and a few in rude English verse.
In the next chapter I shall consider the geological succession of organic beings throughout time; in the eleventh and twelfth, their geographical distribution throughout space; in the thirteenth, their classification or mutual affinities, both when mature and in an embryonic condition.
What is the thirteenth rule in the code of the sainted Joseph Smith?
When the thirteenth night was come we put up our lightning-rod, bedded it in one of the batches of powder, and ran wires from it to the other batches.
From his eighth to his thirteenth year he attended the Manor House school, at Stoke-Newington, a suburb of London.
He was engaged in besieging the thirteenth, which had held out five days.
Chicago: Fitch Ratings has upgraded the ratings for the series A notes on La Hipotecaria Eleventh Mortgage-Backed Notes Trust and La Hipotecaria Thirteenth Mortgage-Backed Notes Trust.
THE candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, in the January thirteenth, 2018 Anambra Central Senatorial District re-run election, Chief Victor Umeh, says nothing can prevent the election from holding on the date already fixed by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.
The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, not the Emancipation Proclamation, ended slavery in our country.
THE thirteenth Archbishop of Wales will be enthroned at a national service next month.
in the township of hamilton municipal complex (conference room b), 6101 thirteenth st.