third eyelid

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a protective fold of skin in the eyes of reptiles and birds and some mammals

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The tear film is produced by two glands, namely the third eyelid gland (nictitans gland) and the lacrimal gland.
She had extremely icteric mucous membranes with livid vibices on the third eyelids.
Sometimes an eye injury, such as a scratched cornea, will cause the third eyelid to cover and protect the eye; some ophthalmological conditions, such cherry eye, can also cause the haw to be visible and prominent.
It is visible usually only in the corner of the eye and it may be that you are seeing a prominent third eyelid.
The nictitans dermoid in the right eye was located only within the third eyelid area and did not extend to any conjunctival or corneal areas (Fig.
Causes may include reactions to sulfa antibiotics or surgical removal of the third eyelid gland(s).
BARTON replies: The membrane you describe is the third eyelid and it is there to protect the eyes.
Malignancy of the third eyelid (membrana nicitans) and the globe is common in cattle worldwide [1,7].
Frogs like this red-eyed treefrog shield their peepers with a nictitating membrane--a semitransparent, third eyelid.
Third eyelid prolapses in dogs from Veterinary Hospital Caldas University service
AA quick check by your vet would be a good idea as, although it does sound like your Westie has a simple bacterial infection in his eye, there could be a small foreign body lodged behind the third eyelid or damage to the eye itself which is causing the infection to linger.
Sometimes a contact lens or the third eyelid can be used to temporarily cover the defect, giving it a chance to heal, just like a ramp on a newly-repaired road.
It involves snipping a tiny piece of lymphoid tissue from the animal's nictitating membrane, or third eyelid, staining it with antibodies, and examining it under a microscope.
AIN addition to their upper and lower eyelids, cats have a third eyelid.