third dimension

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the dimension whereby a solid object differs from a two-dimensional drawing of it

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Built to be highly modular and with open architecture standards, the 3DAWS suite integrates with all existing US Army aircraft, has the flexibility to work with fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and can be tightly integrated with existing radar or laser warning systems, providing a third dimension to those passive systems.
Lyons has long said that Third Dimension is the best work-horse he has ever had; he apparently works like a Group 1 animal.
The third dimension, "confidence with successes," (4 items, alpha = .80), related to teachers' beliefs that students' successes were due to good teaching.
While we cannot look into the eyes of the beloved ever again, we can evoke his or her presence so strongly that we bring a third dimension to the elegy--as Scott Cairns has observed--'creating a new experience, a present presence, which is where our consolation lies.' (pp.xi-xii)." She goes on to find many contrasts between twentieth century and those of the Classic or Romantic eras.
"Data is becoming more complex and having that third dimension helps you with interpretation," says Dasys.
ART SHOW...Just some of the pictures that Julian Beever has created in various cities throughout the world.' THIRD DIMENSION...Julian Beever is coming to Birmingham to try his extraordinary technique.
But when we control perspective, we make our pictures imply depth, as well, creating the illusion of a third dimension and building more vitality and meaning.
Cast in ice-cream-colored wax from modified vintage rubber Halloween masks, they double up as monstrous candles and thereby extend a favored graphic motif--light and its absence--into the third dimension. Protruding teeth, melting eyeballs, and hideous wounds abound, and some heads boast two or three faces, all seemingly in conflict with one another, swallowing and being swallowed.
I demonstrate, step by step, how to create the third dimension for the different letters and on a word.
Dahl should have added what I propose to label the "Third Dimension" of polyarchy, that is, the extent to which those who are chosen in inclusive, contested elections are the real rulers.
The AFM and STM are generally limited to two dimensions with a very limited third dimension (sometimes referred to 2.5 dimensions) whilst OT can work in three dimensions.
These balers offer fast, automated production as well as an option for bales with an almost infinite variable third dimension.
Leading players were Holographics North (USA), Munday Spatial Imaging (UK), Holtronic (Germany), Third Dimension (UK), CFC Applied Holographics (USA) and Hologram Industries (France).