third degree

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interrogation often accompanied by torture to extort information or a confession

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Insurance Fraud in the Third Degree, a class D felony, one count
The same source said that another proposal was made to raise the water rate by 322% (190 pounds) for the first degree consumers, 380% (120 pounds) for the second degree consumers and 366% (70 pounds) for the third degree consumers.
For an example of third degree grounding and suspension, look at the rhythm guitar accompaniment in James Brown's "Hot Pants":
The authors nonetheless note well that it is a grace-inspired love of God that keeps the third degree free from being tainted by an unhealthy masochism (xlii).
The Durham branch is to be handling marketing accounts for a group of clients in and around the state of Georgia and North Carolina CUs, and also is promoting a CU-catered financial literacy package for teachers run by Banzai, a Utah-based firm purchased a year ago by Third Degree.
Kutun was felony suspended effective October 27, 2007, for pleading guilty to two felonies of child abuse--causing no great bodily harm, a third degree felony, in violation of F.
TICKETS are now available for Third Degree at LIPA, which this year aims to be the most diverse music festival in the North West.
Symphonic metal choirs will rub shoulders with embryonic chart acts and folk singers at the Third Degree Festival.
The purpose of this short paper is to demonstrate that the intuition of such students has sound theoretic support: there need not be complete separation into identifiable markets for sellers to profitably third degree price discriminate.
Louise Hart, from Coventry-based Dogs for the Disabled, will be one of three contestants on The National Lottery Third Degree on Wednesday.