third baseman

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(baseball) the person who plays third base

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This off-season, Nationals third baseman Anthony Rendon is hitting the market.
Polanco was a Gold Glove-winning second baseman for the Detroit Tigers in 2007 and 2009, and won the award as the Philadelphia Phillies' third baseman in 2011.
Chase Headley, obtained from San Diego in July, could be an option to take over from Rodriguez as the primary third baseman.
As Bevis notes, James "named Collins as the third baseman on his All-Why-Did-They-Elect-Him Team" in The Politics of Glory (1994).
Fighters catcher Shinya Tsuruoka, second baseman Shinji Takahashi, third baseman Eiichi Koyano and center fielder Yoshio Itoi were each first-time recipients for Nippon Ham.
The angle presents him as a third baseman. Go through the same keys, but work moves to third.
Third baseman Logan Forsythe missed two games with a pulled groin.
The third baseman charges in frantically and, with no margin for error, usually tries to barehand the ball.
Fukuchi beat third baseman Toshiaki Imae's throw home with one out and the bases loaded for a 2-1 lead, and Fukuchi followed with a shot over the left-center wall off Masahide Kobayashi to put the game away in Pacific League action at Chiba Marine Stadium.
The shortstop used to be "5," and the third baseman used to be "6."
[Experts say that steroids and cocaine use may have contributed to his death.] But for all Caminiti achieved as a third baseman for the San Diego Padres and other teams, he'll, be remembered for blowing the whistle during the 2002 season on the use of steroids by himself and others.
Nursing a strained left calf, All-Star third baseman Rolen was 0-for-14 in this year's play-offs before hitting a single in Game 1.
The Yankee line-up is high-powered and looks more complete after the Friday signing of third baseman Aaron Boone.
Angels third baseman Troy Glaus was named as the series' Most Valuable Player.
Losing the starting third baseman could force the Yankees to make a trade as they look to win their first World Series in a decade.