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the act of diluting something


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The work being conducted is a continuation of efforts which include mine closures, thinning and piling and elimination of slash using prescribed fire.
After automated thinning, lettuce plants were adequately spaced in the seedline.
Fruit dimension fruit weight TSS% and yield per plant improved by all levels of strand thinning as compared to control.
The first thinning has now been carried out, and on February 13 the village mayor of Tsurui-mura and other parties attended a ceremony to mark the shipping of timber.
China is home to the world's largest plantation forests (over 62Mha), and selective thinning is one of the main management practices used in this region.
When and if you will have thinning hair and how thin it will become are determined by genetic and hormonal factors.
Where y = [[eta]] for capillary rheometer testing or [[eta].sup.*] for RPA testing; k = intercept; [alpha] = slope of shear thinning; and [gamma] = shear rate.
Further, the insurance industry does not distinguish between logging and thinning. This isn't unique to New Mexico, but New Mexico is such a small part of a big insurance picture that we can't create a separate category for thinning.
We compared the children of thinners to children of handlers, excluding the 28 children for whom the corresponding adult farmworker reported both thinning and handling.
About nine-tenths of any mass of floating ice lies below the water's surface, suggesting that Larsen C is thinning overall by as much as 2 meters each year.
In his first chapter, "Framework for Understanding the Thinning of a Public Debate," Evans provides a succinct summary of what he sees as the historic development of the profession of bioethics and the limitation of the ethical debate on HGE.
"Through site-specific thinning of small trees and underbrush ...
This lack of thinning represents a great savings in labor and time and has long been thought to be of trivial consequences, but we have found no documentation in the literature to support that assumption.
Thinning processes may occur in all crowded plant and animal populations, pure or mixed (e.g., White 1985, Weller 1989, Lonsdale 1990, Latto 1994, Petraitis 1995), and may play important roles in the demography of populations and community structure, especially during the succession of many ecological communities that develop following catastrophic events such as fires (Schlesinger and Gill 1978, Westoby 1981, 1984, Riggan et al.
In areas of wear, localized thinning of the film and exposure of the bare metal are easily detected on a size scale of [less than]50 nm by their increased conductivity characteristics.